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As you all know to well, I am a student in Law and Business school…which simply means that, I have little sleep, stress out on a daily basis and I am always ALWAYS broke. When I look at my bank statement (which is on very rare) I always wonder where it all went and what exactly I spent it all on…the answer is food haha. I don’t go through this alone and am sure a lot of us who are in college are in the same predicament. If you’re not, well it must be nice and I do envy you more than you can imagine.

20160828-dsc_9346Since college is expensive and we still want to look great in what to wear, my next post are going to be about cheap and affordable outfits that make you look good and don’t hurt your pockets. Its not everyday that one must go and spend 30euro on a dress yet you have printing to do, photocopying, food to buy and hangout with friends ( a social life is very important).

20160828-dsc_9356This out outfit and the next to come cost me less than 20euro and it still looks great dressed up or down…Scroll down to the last picture and the details of where i got it will be waiting 🙂 20160828-dsc_9364



SHOES AND DRESS…Primark/Penneys 

Photography By: David Gannon…Follow him HERE :)…


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