Does anyone of you remember the days when our mothers wore what we call “wrappers” or rather “lessuu” in Kiswahili. At every gathering you happened to go to all the lovely ladies had them and you admired the colours, the style and how you wished to be apart of that when the time came and you’d push on the fashion traditions that have been going on for centuries.


20170608_8448-2Well, you do not have to wait any much longer as you can do all that now thanks to Afro-dite.com. The gorgeous and talented Lyly has modernised these outfits and we can all wear them with elegance and style. The material used enhances the vibrance of the outfit making the colours even more visible. You can tie it into any style you see fit for you and rock it as I did with mine. I humbly suggest you take a look for yourself now and purchase it now. It is all worth it.20170608_8460


OUTFIT BY: https://www.afro-dite.com

PHOTOGRAPHY BY:  @audreyhendy….https://www.instagram.com/audreyhendy/


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